I struggled for several years after my type 2 diabetes diagnosis. Although my test readings were always reasonably good and my medication was monitored I felt dreadful. I was constantly tired, irritable and felt dreadful. Vijay took time to talk to me and understand the impact that my condition was having on me as a person. He offered advice which was relevant to my hectic lifestyle and clearly explained, with evidence why I needed to make changes. It stopped being about drugs and tests and became about me. This had an immediate impact on my approach and helped me cope far more effectively with my condition. I still "fall off the wagon" every now and then but Vijay's constant support and guidance in looking at body and mind is invaluable. I'm not an easy patient but his patience and understanding have been invaluable to me.
Kevin McCallion
I was referred by my GP to Dr Bangar as I suffer from steroid deficiency. I always find him very efficient and knowledgeable. He picked up on some side effects like vitamin D deficiency that other doctors had not mentioned. He takes the time to explain my treatment to me and answers my questions. He is very professional and I have confidence in his judgement.
I started seeing Dr. Bangar due to health issues and family history a few years ago. He tested me and diagnosed my thyroid problem. He is a wonderful person – very patient, kind and a good sense of humour. This year I started to have serious problems due to one of my medications. I was having problems with neuropathy and just walking. He understood the issue and helped to recalibrate my medication to an appropriate level. Thank You! Martin
Excellent Endocrinologist who is very knowledgeable about his specialty. I had been struggling with my health for a number of years, working with other doctors unsuccessfully. When Dr Bangar was recommended to me by my GP, I went to see him with a complicated medical history and a list of symptoms that seemed vague and unconnected. He was a breath of fresh air; he was willing to listen to me and didn’t automatically suggest I “find a psychiatrist because you must be crazy.” He took the time to really listen, asked a lot of probative questions of me and my husband and suggested some immediate ideas for causes plus requested some further tests. Once the tests were back we met again and I found out that not only did I have a thyroid problem but I also had pretty much gone through menopause! It took a while to get me balanced on the new medication and he was extremely patient with me during the process. He is always respectful and caring. I would highly recommend him!
Alicia Groves

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